11 Month Warranty Inspections Long Island

A home warranty is a contract between the homeowner and the company that provided the warranty, and it could be the builder or the company it represents. It offers partial or full compensations for damages and repairs while the warranty is still in force.

Newly constructed homes usually come with a One-Year Limited Warranty. Items covered under this warranty may or may not be visible to the untrained eye. Many times problems often occur after the warranty has expired. Such problems which would have otherwise been covered by the warranty can cost you much more to fix. It is always good to have a home inspection done on your new house before the warranty expires.

Some of the most common issues revealed during this type of inspection may include improper drainage around the foundation, improperly installed roof covering and flashing, water intrusion problems, plumbing leaks and faulty wirings. Many of these issues can be resolved relatively easily if corrected on time, but if left unresolved and undetected may turn into expensive. The repairs can be costly for you, the homeowner.

11 Month Warranty Inspections will provide you with a report that you can give to your builder identifying deficiencies that they need to correct. We will assist you to uncover and address items that need repair. We act as your second set of eyes to notice things that you may not have noticed or have overlooked in your daily routine. We then provide you with the documentation you may need to process your repair request.

Benefits of Home Warranty Inspections:

1. It helps you have the piece of mind you need when it comes to the conditions of your home. You can live in peace knowing that you won’t be spending for unexpected repairs.

2. It helps you foresee any faults or problems that your builder overlooked during the construction period.

Don’t be left holding the bag on potentially expensive repairs when an inspection can expose hidden problems to your builder to fix before your warranty expires. We can help keep minor problems today from becoming major issues tomorrow.  Our home inspector will examine your home’s structure, mechanical and electrical systems to identify defects and other problems before they become your problems.

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