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Long Island Commercial Building Inspections

Long Island Commercial Building InspectionsWhether you are purchasing a 600 square foot office space or 600 unit apartment complex, we will work hard to educate you about the current condition of your investment. Long Island Commercial Building Inspections includes a thorough analysis by a licensed building inspector.


There is greater diversity in the scope of work involved with inspecting a commercial building. Commercial building inspections are tailored according to a specific type of building. The inspector may work as the lead investigator and project coordinator, enlisting the help of building inspection specialists when it is appropriate.


Long Island Commercial Building Inspections include everything from converted Victorians to light warehouse/office space. Elements reviewed as part of the commercial inspection include the site, roof, attic, structural issues, bathrooms, kitchen (if applicable), plumbing, electrical, heating/ventilation/air conditioning, and foundation. The building inspection report includes photos and a summary of key findings and it is emailed the same day as the inspection.


If you’re a business owner or an investor, getting a commercial building inspection is a must. You’re not only protecting your investment but also the lives of the people that will occupy the commercial space. The commercial inspection involves a comprehensive evaluation of all the main components of the building including structure, interior and exterior elements, building envelope, HVAC systems, plumbing, and more.


We are confident that we will exceed your expectations with our level of detail and thoroughness. Our report is easy to read and includes large photographs with descriptions. The report is typically delivered electronically within 48 hours of the completed building inspection. 


Whether you’re a seller, owner of a commercial establishment, or a buyer of a new home, you can count on us for all your home inspection needs. We are not limited to home inspection; we also offer warranty inspections for your new home.

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