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Thermal Imaging Home Inspection in Long Island, NY


Thermal imaging is one of the newest services that our home inspection offers. A thermographer will isolate an area of thermal oddities very efficiently. A thermographer will expose areas in your home that do not have insulation or are losing energy around the small cracks through your home such as around the windows, doors, and the framing. It can also identify areas of your home that have faulty steam traps, overheated electrical switchgear, and worn bearings.

In addition, it will help to identify hidden moisture areas through your home. This can mean anything from a leaking pipe or a roofing issue. What’s neat about thermal imaging is that it is not destructive and will easily spot those hard to find places that aren’t discernible to the naked eye.

Thermal Imaging Can Do The Following:

At Premier Home Inspections, our thermal imaging can see qualitative and quantitative. This service can help to see problems before they are seen by other types of machines or — even worse — when the problem occurs and costly repairs are needed. An early warning sign of a problem in your home is when there is excess heat in the electrical or a mechanical system. Thermal imaging will allow you to see these issues in comparison to the human eye, which will miss the temperature variations. Thermal imaging can determine the problems in your house very efficiently and, in the end, save you money. If you would like to take advantage of this service, then contact our home inspection company for more information.

So what can thermal imaging do when you lay everything out? Well, let’s see exactly what this service can do for your home whether you’re thinking about buying or selling.


Moisture Detection In The Walls

Thermal imaging can see any moisture that might be in your ceiling, floors, or the walls. By seeing the difference in temperature via the thermal imaging, you’ll see how much damage water can do to your home. Moisture damage can be caused for many reasons, but when you identify the issue, you’ll be able to fix it. In addition, thermal imaging can see moisture intrusions in walls systems such as Stucco and EIFS.


Moisture And Mold

Another element of thermal imagine is identifying the mold in a house. If moisture gets into your walls or your basement flooded, then you could be looking at mold, especially if it’s in the house for 72 hours or more. When that 72 hour hits, then the risk of mold increases exponentially. The thermal imaging can help to identify those mold areas to see whether they are present. Keep in mind that our mold inspection is a separate service.


Plumbing Inspections

A thermal scan can identify areas of your home that might have water leakage and can then be repaired by a professional plumber. If the plumbing is not repaired in your home, then the leaking can cause a lot of damage that’s very costly to repair. The source of the water leakage can be detected as a thermal anomaly and can be further detected with a moisture meter. It is a necessity to do a thermal scan for a plumbing issue because it can not be done by the naked eye.


Wood Destroying Insect Activity

Insects in Long Island can be pretty vicious, especially when they destroy due to infestation. Wood can be destroyed by insect activity and a thermal scan will help to identify those areas. Infestations such as termites can be identified by a professional due to the heat that’s given off to large groups of insect activity. When the infestation is identified, then a professional can be called to further investigate and treat.


Energy Audits

Soon we will be offering energy audits, but currently, we are using thermal imaging as a tool to figure out the areas in a home that need insulation. Insulated areas should be air-tight and thermal imaging can detect if an area is not protected. Getting an energy audit saves you money and energy in your home. By looking at where the energy is going, you’ll save more money and the energy in your home structure will be increased.


Flat Roof Inspections

A roof inspection is vital because without a sturdy roof you’ll have a leak. Our thermal imaging will figure out where any leaks may be occurring and where you’ll need to repair your roof. If someone has told you that your roof is leaking or you’ve witnessed your roof leaking, then you’ll want to call us to help save you money on repairs.


Electrical Inspections

Lastly, thermal imaging can help with electrical inspections. Electrical systems are supposed to be hot. After all, currents are moving through the circuit and generating heat; however, there are some abnormalities that can cause damage to your home. If there is an abnormal amount of heat that’s being created during resistance and flow, then it’s best if thermal imaging is used to figure out why your breakers, switchers, lights, outlets, or electrical panels are overheating. Hot spots and areas in your home that are overheating can become potential fire hazards, so it’s best that you figure out the risks that aren’t discernible to the naked eye as quickly as possible with thermal imaging.

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